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MTF Surgery

Find Reliable Information About MTF Surgery

MTF Surgery provides comprehensive patient education for trans women seeking Male-to-Female Transsexual Surgery, plus a directory of select surgeons who perform MTF Surgery. Use our free resources to find the procedure and surgeon that are right for you.

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Dr. Clifford King

Dr. Clifford King

Dr. King is a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers MTF breast augmentation for clients in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest. Dr. King has a warm and friendly personality, and is committed to the highest standards of patient care and satisfaction. Read more »

Dr. Luis Capitán

Dr. Luis Capitán

Dr. Capitán and Facial Team, the world leaders in Facial Feminization Surgery, have performed more than 650 FFS procedures. Dr. Capitán has pioneered a number of important FFS techniques and is a sought after speaker on FFS at scientific conferences around the world. Read more »

Dr. Daniel Simon

Dr. Daniel Simon

Dr. Daniel Simon is one of the two head surgeons of Facial Team, the world leader in Facial Feminization Surgery, with over 650 FFS procedures performed. Dr. Simon has developed key FFS techniques and is also published on the topic of FFS. He operates in both Brazil and Spain. Read more »

MTF Surgery Guide

Looking for a Surgeon To Perform Your MTF Gender Reassignment Surgery?

MTF Surgery's partner surgeons offer a variety of MTF transsexual surgeries, including MTF breast augmentation, vaginoplasty (incl. clitoroplasty and labiaplasty), facial feminization (FFS), body feminization, and voice feminization surgery, and more.

  • Body sculpting / body feminization
  • Breast augmentation
  • Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS), Tracheal Shave
  • Orchiectomy, Penectomy
  • Vaginoplasty, Clitoroplasty, Labiaplasty
  • Voice Feminization Surgery


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