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Dr. Elliot Jacobs

MTF Surgery in New York City

Dr. Elliot Jacobs, MD, FACS is a nationally-recognized, board-certified plastic surgeon based in New York City who has more than 30 years of experience in breast and facial surgeries.

Dr. Jacobs offers the following Male-to-Female Surgery procedures:

  • Breast Augmentation $10,000
  • Labiaplasty $6000 – $8000
  • Body Sculpting - $8000 – $17,000
  • Facial Feminization Surgery:
    • Brow Lift - $6000 – $10,000
    • Rhinoplasty - $10,000
    • Jaw Recontouring - price varies
    • Chin Recontouring - $6500
    • Lip Lift - $3500
    • Cheek implants - $7500
    • Hairline Correction - $7000

Dr. Jacobs performs Male-to-Female Surgery at his private, modern and fully accredited surgical suite on Park Avenue in downtown Manhattan. If safe and appropriate, Dr. Jacobs can combine procedures into a single operation to help you save money and time.

Out of Town Patients: Many patients come to New York from other states and countries to have surgery with Dr. Jacobs. Be sure to ask his staff about New York travel information and accommodations, as well as arranging a medical caregiver for you, if desired.

Surgery Requirements

  • All patients are evaluated for psychological readiness for surgery, regardless of their gender identity or the procedure they are planning.
  • While not necessarily required, a letter of recommendation from your primary care physician or counselor is helpful.
  • 18 years or over.
  • 6 months of Real-Life Experience (RLE)

Booking Your Surgery

  • Contact Dr. Jacobs to schedule your FREE in-person consultation.
  • Dr. Jacobs accepts cash, credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) and medical financing via CareCredit and Alpheon. (Dr. Jacobs does not accept Insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.)

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